Your wedding reception is memorable for you and your partner. It not only fills the party with mouth-watering dishes but also reflects your personality in front of your guests. From aesthetics to flavor, here are some of the tips for wedding catering in Toronto that help you choose the perfect sips and plates in your wedding reception:

1)    Establish your budget: This is your first to do list while planning for a wedding reception. From serving style to presentation and number of guests, everything depends on the budget you decide for your reception. Establishing a budget for the event keeps you on track of everything.

2)    Decide on your number: Number of guests you plan to invite is a major factor to decide things like the type of hall and menu. You need to cut down many things if you plan a huge number of guests within a limited budget.

3)    Book the venue and caterer early: To get best of the venue of the city and the amazing menu, you need to book venue and caterer around 6-12 months early. Some venues have their own caterers but with some venues, you can book your own chefs.

4)    Consider dietary restrictions and allergies: You need to consider keeping options for a gluten-free diet, peanut allergies, vegetarian diet, etc so that there is an option for every guest.

5)    Choose the serving style: There are five main ways to serve food: plated meals, buffet, family style, serving stations or heavy appetizers served by the wait staff. You should consider factors like space available, budget, the formality of the event, opting for a dance floor while deciding on the serving style.

6)    Local and seasonal options: Consider the time of your wedding while choosing the menu. Go for local and seasonal foods while deciding on the menu. You will get fresh veggies at less cost as they need not travel from a distance. Choose the items that fit the season at that time. For example, in summers you can go for light and refreshing items like lemonade, salads, ice tea, etc while in winters you can choose hot soups, hot chocolates, etc.

7)    Give a personal touch: Adding your favorite in the list will give a personal touch to the menu. Go for a local item that is a hot favorite of the place. Consider liking of your guests as well.

8)    Aesthetically pleasing presentation: Ensure that food looks appetizing. You can make the presentation more creative by giving a theme to the food presentation.

9)    Ask for experts only: You should ensure that the chef is an expert in the dishes you have chosen. Don’t give a trial which may be a failure at the end.

10)    Take wedding insurance: Taking wedding insurance will help you to save funds in case you choose to cancel or postpone the event.

Wedding catering in Toronto can provide you with tips that can help you prepare for your wedding day that can fit into your budget.