We live in a world consisting of different traditions, history, and cultures. There are the curious-at-heart that will visit various cities in search of adventure. One such city to visit would be Romania.

The number of people who visit beautiful Romania is significantly increasing every year. Below is a list of places you should definitely consider visiting the next time you travel Romania.

  • Timisoara

Standing on the Bank of the Bega river, Timisoara is a city that is diverse in culture. It’s impressive city architecture is to die for. Due to its location, Timisoara can easily be explored via boats that are operated by the town’s public transport company.

This city has a number of historical monuments that are widely spread. It has also been nicknamed ‘Little Vienna’ since it has a tradition of urban planning that dates back to the 18th Century. During this time, a significant amount of Baroque buildings that were of Viennese influence were left, thus the nickname.

As the 19th century came to a close, Timisoara underwent modernization. It is then that many Art Nouveau buildings rose and remodeling of the downtown area took place. Examples of such buildings include; Victoriei Square palaces, Neptune public baths and the Bruck House that is found in Unirii square.

Other places you can visit include the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Baroque Palace, the Opera House, the Huniade Castle and the Banat Village Museum.

  • Bucharest

Bucharest is one of those amazing places that you will find a variety of good museums to visit, cafes and parks. There are also concert venues that are bound to keep both residents and tourists entertained. Some of the best museums to visit include the National Museum of Art of Romania, the Museum of Recent Art and the National Museum of Contemporary Art.

Another historical museum that will tickle the fancy of many is the open-air Village Museum which is the biggest ethnographic museums in Romania. Here, tourists can see how people live in the village.

  • Oradea

For tourists that love architecture, Oradea is the place to be. The area is filled with breathtaking Art Nouveau buildings. Despite the fact that these buildings have been refurbished in recent years, they still have beautiful architectural designs.

Other places that are a must-visit for tourists include the Black Eagle Palace, the Oradea fortress and Tara Crisurilor. For instance, while at the Oradea Fortress, tourists can learn about the history of Oradea dating back almost 1000 years. There are also many parks and squares like the Union Square, the Greek Catholic Bishop Palace and the Ferdinand Square.

  • Cluj-napoca

Cluj-Napoca is known to be the ultimate destination when it comes to hosting festivals. Such festivals that are held mostly in spring and summer include Transylvania International Film Festival, Jazz in the Park and Untold.

During seasons where there are no festivals, there are plenty of historical sites to visit. Cluj-Napoca has a rich cultural heritage and also offers a variety of entertainment spots for nightlife lovers.

In addition, there is the Art Museum that is equipped with a vast collection of art from Romanian and European history.

For tourists that love architecture, a visit to buildings such as the Fortress, the Franciscan and the Unitarian Church, and the Greek-Catholic Cathedral among others.