As you probably know, the Whale preservation programs around the world have enjoyed great success and most of the Whale species are off the critically endangered list and their numbers are steadily growing. One of the prime Whale watching venues is Eden, on the Sapphire Coast in NSW where the season begins in May as the Humpback Whale population begin their long northern migration to the warm waters of the Great Barrier Reef, where they breed.

Booking your Trip

For the best experience, Whale watching in Eden is advised, as the small port is perfectly situated to meet the Whales as they migrate north and the season starts in May and the northern migration continues until July, as many thousands of Humpback and Southern Right Whales head to their breeding grounds. The return journey is the best time to book your trip, which is during August and September; the time when the mothers bring their calves back to their feeding grounds in Antarctica. The adult Whales prefer to stay in shallow waters close to shore as they make the trip south, which means you get to experience the baby Whales as they explore their marine world, while mum shows how to breach and slap.

Essential Items to Pack

Once you have booked your trip via the operator’s website, you can prepare things like clothing; a waterproof warm jacket is one thing you will need, as it can be very windy out there, plus a pair of shoes with good grip and if you think you might be seasick, take some medication half an hour before setting off from the harbour. A golfing wet suit is a good idea, which rolls up and takes up little space, just in case of strong headwinds, which means sea spray. One thing you won’t want to forget is your digital camera and make sure that you have a spare set of batteries and more than ample memory space for the many still images and video clips you will surely take.


If you are unsure about your sea legs, you are advised to take some motion sickness medication about 30 minutes prior to departure, as a bout of seasickness will put the dampers on your experience. If you’re a hardy sailor, all well and good and when you have your trip booked, keep an eye on the weather and hopefully, conditions will be ideal.