Camping is an odd exercise that encourages people to leave the comforts of home in order to temporarily live outdoors. Of course, RVs have improved the camping experience dramatically. But spending time at a campground or public park is nonetheless different from hanging out at home. Thanks to inflatables, doing so is a lot more comfortable than it used to.

The incredible inflatable is changing the way people camp. Inflatable technology allows for creating some pretty convenient items that are easy to set up, easy to store away, and even fun to use. Below are just a few examples.

Inflatable Camping Furniture

When the inflatable furniture craze first burst onto the scene back in the 1990s, manufacturers were offering cheaply made sofas and chairs intended for young people who could barely pay the rent. The furniture was often made in bright, neon colors just for the sake of being audacious. That is no longer the case.

Today’s manufacturers are creating entire lines of inflatable furniture intended mainly for campers. You can buy lounge chairs, sofas, foot stools, and more. You can even buy the inflatable version of a sectional. If you are willing to spend, you can get some high-quality furniture that should hold up to many years of camping enjoyment.

Inflatable Mattresses

Inflatable mattresses are nothing new to seasoned campers. They have been around since the postwar era. What’s different today is the quality. First-generation air mattresses were flimsy products you could count on to deflate overnight. And if you got a full camping season out of a new mattress, you were lucky. Today’s inflatable mattresses are high-tech products made with space-age materials. They are big, thick, and quite comfortable.

Inflatable RV Skirting

For those of you who insist on camping with motorhomes, fifth wheels and travel trailers, inflatable technology brings you a new type of RV skirting. A Connecticut company known as AirSkirts has developed a kit consisting of individual inflatable pieces you place around your unit. The air inside provides an extra layer of insulation to protect pipes against freezing.

Inflatable Water Tents

If you have ever wanted to camp on the water, now you can – literally. A Chinese company known as Guangzhou East Sports makes an inflatable water tent. It is essentially an oversized air mattress with a full tent built in. You inflate it at the shore, load your gear, and climb on board.

Imagine floating down your favorite river like a modern Huck Finn. Bring a friend along and he can be your Tom Sawyer. Just don’t drift too far from shore. You may need to make a quick exit if your inflatable water tent springs a leak.

Inflatable Boats

Inflatable boats are not new either. Rather, they are considered an old standby among seasoned campers who love to enjoy the water. Take your inflatable boat out on the lake for a day of fishing. Or explore a new river with your family. Inflatable boats offer access to the water without another huge investment in a regular boat and trailer.

Inflatables for the Kids

It seems appropriate to wrap up this post by mentioning inflatables for the kids. Yes, even kids surrounded by the beauty of nature need to be kept entertained from time to time. One option is an inflatable bounce house. Another is an inflatable movie screen on to which you can project their favorite flicks.

The incredible inflatable has changed the way people camp. If you are a regular camper, just how many inflatables do you normally take with you? Maybe more than you realized before reading this post.