The amazing city of Sydney is the one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, whether visiting from elsewhere in Australia or from other parts of the globe. Its Harbour Bridge and Opera House two of the most recognizable landmarks in the world.

It offers a mix of culture, with its many stretches of water and ocean ideal for those wanting a beach and surf, or for others who wish to relax and enjoying a meal of local delicacies in beautiful surroundings. For those who love nature, then Sydney whale watching is simply perfect in so many ways.

  • What better way to get closer to some amazing creatures than by heading out to see to experience sights you would normally otherwise only see on TV documentaries. It’s a wonderful experience for solo adventurers or for a full family and the free ocean breeze and the aroma of the waters are brought to life.
  • The sound of the waves as the Humpback Whales break the surface is one of the wonders of the world, and that first sighting captivates the mind as excitement courses through the veins. Watching the mammals cavort in the sea, seemingly putting on a display of aerobics for those lucky enough to experience it.
  • And what better way to enjoy it all than from on a highly powered modern catamaran, previously used for similar activities and snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef. With 4 outdoor decks and space for all to enjoy, it is a fantastic addition to any voyage. If it’s too wet or cold, then the indoor areas also provide great viewing, and with all the facilities anyone would require, nobody will feel out of their comfort zone.
  • Various whale-watching expeditions and tours are available with the whale-watching tours taking place during the Humpback Whale annual migration which is between the middle of May and July when they travel north. The return journey for the whales is September, October, and ending through November.
  • Regulations state that boats must adhere to a 100m distance from the whales, but fortunately the creatures don’t read the rule books, as they sometimes get so close to a boat that it cannot move, in what is called a “mugging”.

A whale-watching adventure is guaranteed to be memorable for people of all ages, as the amazing creatures put on a show that’s never forgotten, all experienced from a comfortable vessel.