Huhu, I was on a trip to Japan, and it was so unique, so cool and lovely. These are the items I can’t live without on a trip to Japan, but everyone is different. What are your must-have items? Let’s go through what you need based on my previous trip and remember to visit for more.

So let’s go. I’ll give you the highlights.

  • Lonely Planet or Rough Guide to Japan -All modern travellers need these guides. They have everything from restaurants, hotels and bars, useful neighbourhood maps and info on Japanese customs. They’re also handy to label. I use mine all the time.
  • IPhone Charger — although your phone can’t receive a wireless signal in Japan, you can take it with you and have some battery power to last you through the trip. If your iPhone is out of juice, plug it into a wall charger at the airport or hotel and get some juice in seconds.
  • Ear Plugs — Sleep is essential on unfamiliar beds and pillows. I still wake up at 2 a.m. because I’d forgotten earplugs.
  • Keychain Water Bottle — the water in Japan is safe to drink but is often warm. I always have a bottle in my bag. It’s also great for hiking because you won’t need to buy drinks or worry about your bottle size at the convenience store.
  • Warm Jacket — it’s cold in Tokyo, Kyoto and even at the beach in Okinawa. A light waterproof jacket is a must. I also like to bring a lightweight rain poncho just in case I’m caught in the rain.
  • One Change of Clothes — if you are staying in hostels or just not feeling comfortable about your clothes at the end of the day, changes into a fresh set.
  • Plastic Bags — Bring plastic bags for dirty clothes; they are also great for keeping things separate and bite-sized organized in your day bag.
  • Medical Card — If you’re travelling to Japan alone, take a copy of a medical card with your emergency contacts if anything happens and you need medical attention. This can be filled out by your doctor in the U.S.
  • Camera — you might want to bring more than one camera (you can buy extra memory cards here). I like the small pocket-size camera because it’s easy to carry, but a point-and-shoot is easier for some photos.
  • Waterproof Shoes — to wear around the city or on hikes, pack waterproof shoes and light shoes. Either wears your old sneakers and sprays them or wet wipes. They’re much cheaper here, so if you can get boots for the same price as sneakers back home, buy them!
  • Umbrella — a small umbrella is a must. I chose a clear one because you can see if it rains through mesh sides, but they also come in fun colours.


It’s hard to find time to go on a trip when you are already so busy, but I assure you it is worth it. Try to go through ,get a week off work, plan, and enjoy!