Travel Insurance also known as visitor insurance is a special protection that the insurance companies in Australia provide to the insured in case he faces any emergency when travelling overseas. The various circumstances covered by a travel insurance, includes

  • Loss of Baggage
  • Personal Accident
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Passport Loss
  • Missed Connecting Flight
  • Trip Delay
  • Trip Cancellation

Emergencies don’t wait for you to be in your home land. It can come knocking anywhere leaving you in a vulnerable situation. Imagine a scenario where you have lost your passport and were asked to leave the country immediately. Such situations are more common than you think thereby leaving the traveller in a mental as well as a financial crisis. While nothing can be done to reverse the mental trauma you have gone through, a travel insurance acts as a shield preventing you from the financial crisis in such situations.

Compare and Buy

 When buying a travel insurance, it is always advised to compare different policies offered by insurance providers in the country. Do not rush and take into consideration the type and the key features of the policy while comparing.  With easy access to travel insurance comparison website, you can set filters and easily find the best travel insurance for you in Australia.

Domestic Travel Insurance for People Travelling within Australia

A travel insurance is not only limited to people travel to or from Australia to other countries. If you are travelling within the country, even then you can buy domestic travel insurance. A domestic travel insurance protects individuals as well as families travelling within Australian Subcontinent against unforeseen financial emergencies. A domestic travel insurance also provides coverage main concerns of a traveller including travel delays, trip cancellation, loss of baggage, personal accident and medical emergencies

Multi-trip Travel Insurance for Regular Travellers

If your business or studies require you to take multiple trips overseas in a year, then you can also buy multi-trip travel insurance. This type of insurance policy covers you for all the trips you make to one country without the need to buy a new policy everytime you travel. It saves you from the hassle of buying travel insurance again and again and also is cheaper compared to buying multiple travel insurance. Please note that the multi-trip travel insurance can only be bought for multiple travels to one destination. You cannot buy multi-trip insurance for travelling to a different destination


We always believe that bad things will happen with other until one day we wake up to find that the other person is us. A travel insurance helps you in case of medical or any other travel emergencies while on a trip. Compare and buy the best travel insurance and stay protected and secured during your travel. Bon Voyage!