Cessna is one of the trusted manufacturers when it comes to light airplanes. As a sport pilot, it is only natural that you choose the best light sport airplane. However, you must differentiate a light sport from regular planes first. Let’s take a more in-depth look at the two famous planes from Cessna. The Cessna 150 and 140. Are they suitable for a sport pilot?

Is a Cessna 150 Considered a Light-Sport Aircraft?

The 1976 Cessna 150 features a 100 HP engine. Does it qualify as an LSA? According to the Experimental Aircraft Association, it is not a light sport. Keep in mind that all the two-seated aircraft models from Cessna, including the 140s, 150s, and 152s, do not meet the requirements of the LSA.

It must be confusing because it only has two seating capacity. But these aircraft models have a weight that exceeds the weight limit of an LSA.

Is a Cessna 150 a Good First Plane?

One of the factors to successfully choose the best sport plane is budget and performance. If you’re asking if Cessna 150 is an excellent first plane for you, the answer is yes. It does not burn a hole in your pocket and allows you to enjoy without worries about the fuel burn. The parts of this aircraft model are available at a lower price. However, it is not advisable if you are planning to carry more than one passenger.

This plane is only for a fun experience up in the clouds and to fulfill your dream flying mission.

Is Cessna 140 Light Sport?

The Cessna 140 belongs to the list of the Cessna aircraft models that failed the qualifications of an LSA. It is a single-engine plane with two-seating capacity. This aircraft also features a conventional landing gear and first available in the market after World War II.

What Is the Best Light-Sport Aircraft?

The aircraft model options to choose the best sport planes will most likely overwhelm you. Airplane manufactures have been in the market for so long. The system, materials, and technology are gradually changing. Buying a light-sport aircraft from Cessna is the right starting choice. Other aircraft models are available since Cessna 140 and 150 do not qualify as a light-sport aircraft.