Have you been amused seeing black bears at Yellowstone Wildlife Park? They may seem harmless, but these animals have been known to attack humans. Black bears are the largest member of the bear family and can grow to be about 12 feet long and 350 pounds, with a head and body length of up to 30 inches and 18 inches. 

Black bears aren’t typically found near human habitations. They only live in lower elevations such as forests and swamps because they need access to water during the summer months when food is scarce. This type of bear also has an omnivorous diet that consists of berries, nuts, mushrooms, fish, and insects. 

In fact, black bears are one of the most common animals found in the Western United States. They are most often seen in forests but can also be spotted in city parks and residential areas. There are about 3,500 bears at Yellowstone National Park alone. 

How Dangerous are Black Bears?

One thing almost all black bear encounters end with is the bear running off scared before you can even react. Black bears are no more likely to attack humans than any other animal in the wild. They usually only run away when they get caught off guard or if they feel threatened.

The black bear is normally shy and skittish, but it can also be aggressive when defending itself from a perceived threat. It might not appear threatening when you see one, but remember that it weighs up to 350 pounds. Therefore, never approach a black bear immediately.

How to Stay Safe Around Bears?

Black Bears have been known to charge people for no apparent reason. You should not run from a bear. If you see one, stand your ground. Move slowly and speak in a firm tone of voice as though you are using a megaphone to communicate with it. 

These bears are territorial animals that only want to defend their space, their food, and the young ones they breed in the spring when food is abundant. A lot of people have been saved by carrying pepper spray at the time of an encounter with a black bear.

Therefore, if you encounter a bear in the wild, don’t run from it. Don’t make sudden movements and stand your ground, and this will increase your chances of survival.